Structural Strengthening – Clark Construction

Since the 2010 Christchurch earthquakes began, Clark Construction Services has developed it core business to service the needs of the structural strengthening side of the re-build.

We can deliver up front in assisting with the entire design-repair strategy (as mentioned in our Project Management Section) or simply deliver for our clients on a supplied set of information.


We have a team of professionals in-house as well as a list of excellent strategic partners & sub-contractors such as:

  • Design Engineers
  • Architects
  • Structural Steel Suppliers
  • Earthworks Contractors
  • And so on.

We have tried at all times to be innovative, thorough and reliable. This has led us to undertake many strengthening projects in Christchurch with our Public Sector/Private Clients and for the Christchurch City Council via our relationship with City Care.

In total, since 2010 we have completed over 120 structural strengthening projects of various sizes from small to large.


Clark Construction Structural Strengthening Flooring

Canterbury Crematorium Chapel Structural Strengthening

Some of the significant projects we have been involved in strengthening to new post-earthquake standards:

  • 1930s Canterbury Crematorium Chapel - Private Owner
  • 32 Allen St - Now the home of Christchurch's newest night spot the "Allen St Rock Bar" - Private Owner
  • 260 Annex Rd - Private Owner
  • Hei Hei Community Centre - CCC/City Care
  • Harman Courts - CCC/City Care
  • Red Bus Administration Building - CCC/City Care
  • Linwood Service Centre - CCC/CityCare
  • Governors Bay Pool - CCC/City Care
  • Waltham Park Pavillion - CCC/City Care
  • Harman Courts - CCC/City Care
  • Knightsbridge Lane Council Units - CCC/City Care

If you have a strengthening project you need completed in any shape of form then please feel free to get in touch with us and if we can't help we will point you in the right direction.

Woodlawn Memorial Gardens Chapel
Structural Strengthening  floor
Structural Strengthening  pool