Crack Repair – Clark Construction

Cracks appear in concrete for a variety of reasons.

Some of them are just considered part of the life span of concrete and require no attention, others can have a major effect on the structural integrity or the look of the surface.

Cracks that affect the structural integrity of the building must be checked by a Structural Engineer to determine whether the concrete element needs to be replaced or repaired which is something we can assist with if required.

Epoxy Resin Injections

A common repair method is to inject the cracks with an epoxy resin using a special system that basically restores the structural integrity if completed properly.

Other cracks that may not immediately affect the structural integrity, may however, do so over time where moisture eventually makes its way through the crack and begins to rust out the reinforcing steel inside the concrete.

Although cracks of this nature do not require a full crack injection they can be ground out and filled with a special two part epoxy which will protect from moisture intrusion going forward.

Epoxy Resin Crack repair

Specialists Crack Repairs

Specialists in Crack Repairs

Clark Construction Services are specialists at this type of work and we provide accurate QA information to ensure your cracks are repaired to a high standard using only products from reputable companies such as SIKA, Mapei & Ardex.

So if you have cracks that have already been assessed as needing fixed or if you would simply like some advice on cracks you have discovered then please feel free to contact us and we are sure to be able to help.

Abseiling to Save you Money

We can also undertake crack repairs and cosmetic repairs to the exterior of buildings by way of abseiling which greatly reduces the cost to our clients for scaffolding.