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Clark Construction Services provides a range of specialist construction services and has built up a strong industry reputation during our 25 years in the industry.

Specialist Construction Crack repair

Our Specialist Construction Services Includes:

Concrete Crack Repair

Clark Construction Services are specialists in concrete crack repair using epoxy resin to restore structural integrity. We provide accurate QA information to ensure your cracks are repaired to a high standard.


Structural Strengthening Work

We have undertaken over 120 structural strengthening projects since the Christchurch earthquake in 2010, from small to large projects.

Precast Remedial

Our team of qualified trade plasterers have many years of experience with various types of precast remedial works.


Structural Concrete Repair

We repair concrete to restore its structural properties protecting it from further damage and restore the structural integrity.


Solid Plastering

We execute solid plastering jobs to brick, concrete, masonry, wire lathing, and other backgrounds, for insulation, decorative finishes, and waterproofing.


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Specialist Construction Plastering