Earthquake Repair Management

Clark Construction Services has been actively involved in the earthquake repair process.

We have experience with all aspects of the repair process from working with most of the major insurance companies to evaluating and implementing your repair design.

We work hard to move projects forward, by using clear, concise and relevant information to get claims settled and quickly on the way to repair, whether big or small.

We are happy to play whatever role the Client requires, such as remaining in the background or leading from the front.

Our Residential and Commercial Earthquake Repair Management Service Includes:

  • Site visits and initial reports (these are normally free of charge up to moderate size projects)
  • Opening up works to understand issues better
  • Working with the Clients and/or the Insurers - Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Structural Engineers or if required to provide these services to you via our network of suppliers, strategic partnerships & sub-contractors.
  • Geotechnical Assistance & Reports
  • Property & Land Purchases
  • Consents & Compliance
  • Project Implementation
  • Daily Project Management (Site)
  • All aspects of Safety Compliance to protect the Client

As a local Canterbury business we understand the impact the earthquakes have had on our City and the fine people within it, so we believe we are suitably qualified to look after your needs.